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PushEd, or shorly just PEd, is the first 2D/3D map editor of it’s kind for GM: Studio, giving you all the tools that you need.

Experience the ease of creating complex two-dimensional and three-dimensional levels with our level editor. PEd provides you all the tools you need. You can simply drag&drop objects into the level, move them around, scale and rotate them, set their alpha and color or even their creation code. And of course you can change all the settings of room, backgrounds, views and physic. PEd is an internal editor that means you just insert it into your project. You can use it just for development purpose or you can leave it in your project so anyone can make levels for your game.
Here are the most important features:

  • 3D and 2D level editing
  • easy to setup and use
  • intuitive controls
  • save and load rooms
  • change all room, backgrounds, views, and physic settings
  • tile editing
  • drag & drop objects into the level
  • grid alignment
  • set instance creation code
  • move, rotate and scale instances
  • set instance alpha and colour
  • multiple selection
  • copy selected instances
  • resizable window and panels
  • level export and import (external file, great for modding)
  • full source code access
  • free updates

But there is much more to come. Our team is planning to add another bunch of stunning features, which will absolutely redefine level editing in GM: Studio. Some of them you can see in the following list:

  • create new, more user friendly GUI which will offer better scalability so that everyone can create their own panels, windows and tools
  • enhance content browser (you will be able to go through your sprites, textures, sound, objects etc.)
  • add full support for for GameMaker: Studio 2

Documentation: http://blueburn.bluefile.cz/ped/docs.php

Forum: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/pushed-2d-3d-editor.469/

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Buy Now$98.99 USD or more

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